Technical Task of the project

Determine the maximum throughput of the container terminal and conduct experiments with different ways of modernization of the facility, in order to make the most optimal decision on the modernization of the terminal

We were approached by one of the largest transport and logistics companies in Russia with a container turnover of 250,000 TEU / year in order to determine the optimal solution for the modernization of one of its facilities - a container railway terminal. The task was to determine the minimum amount of investment to increase container traffic. It was necessary to simulate several different terminal development digital scripts.

To solve this task a digital twin of the object was developed. With the help of the project team, together with the Customer, the necessary input data and control indicators were determined and obtained to verify the operation of the digital model with the work of a real object. All necessary operations were taken into account for the greatest possible detail. As a result, a terminal digital model was developed with a high degree of adequacy to a real object.

After conducting the necessary experiments and obtaining the output data, the optimal upgrade ways were found, bottlenecks were identified and it was determined that with the available capacities and the optimization of certain operations, the terminal's throughput can be increased by 57%.