Creating digital simulation models for your buisiness

our competencies
Strategic and operational supply chain management, route optimization, fleet monitoring, risk assessment and management, and many other tasks.
Railway terminals
Determination of maximum throughput, identification of bottlenecks, optimization of available capacities, digital modeling of designed facilities, cost estimation, etc.
Definition and optimization of transport and handling equipment, effective management of storage areas, acceptance/shipment and picking/sorting of goods, optimization of human resources.
Analysis and assessment of the effectiveness of business processes, modeling digital scripts to identify more effective optimization scenarios, increase productivity, etc.

Benefits of digital simulation

fast and economical

With the model, as a digital twin of an object or process, you will be able to conduct the necessary experiments much faster and cheaper than conducting tests on real assets.

Make the right decisions before real change!

Precise and Risk-Free

A virtual environment can help you safely analyze a large number of "What if ...?" scripts in a short period of time - both in the existing business and in the potential one. And the data obtained during the experiments will be much more accurate than in analytical models.

easy understandable

How the model works can be visually observed in 2D or 3D modes. This helps determine the correctness of the processes. And unlike complex formulas in analytical models, which are often understandable only to developers, the logic of construction in simulation models can be shown and easily explained.

Our recent projects

Digital twin of the railway terminal

1. Determine the maximum throughput of the container terminal, as well as its individual components, such as: transshipment equipment, railway infrastructure, container site.

2. Conduct experiments with various scenarios for the development of the facility, to determine the most optimal investment plan for the reconstruction and modernization of the terminal.

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We develop our digital models in the AnyLogic environment, the world's leading digital simulation tool that uses all 3 basic approaches: discrete event, agent and system dynamics.
After development the stand-alone application is compiled to the Customer without the need to install the source software for further use of the model as support for operational decisions or for strategic planning. Also, the model can be exported to the finished cloud environment - AnyLogic Cloud and run it on any device through a browser.

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